How We Work


Our core value is to collaborate and unify by selflessly sharing insights, knowledge and resources. We put patients at the centre of everything that we pursue. By unifying current efforts and learning from each other, we can make a bigger difference in combatting brain tumours.

Areas of focus

Each of the strategic programmes are responsible for both setting and achieving their milestones and are supported by the members of our Joint Strategy Board. The mission hosts a yearly off-site in November, where its members will discuss and ratify the objectives for the next calendar year. The TJBCM’s areas of focus are further detailed on the programme pages, but current initiatives include

  • Care for today’s patients
  • Supporting clinical trial and trial infrastructure
  • Further training for medical professionals
  • Boosting brain tumour research
  • Emerging data and technology
  • Tessa Jowell Centre Designation


All members of the TJBCM, whether they are on the Joint Strategy Board, or in one of the strategic programmes, are working on the mission alongside their day jobs. The Board members have been elected by the Chair and represent a variety of organisations active in the brain tumour space. The Strategic Programme members have been elected by the Strategic Programme Leads. The members typically bring brain tumour expertise, or relevant expertise from outside the brain tumour field. At least one patient representative sits on each of the Strategic Programmes.

Feedback and Input

We have done our very best to select a wide variety of individuals and organisations to represent the brain tumour community and work on combatting brain tumour with novel initiatives. Furthermore, members of our leadership team regularly attend the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Brain Tumours and attend events of its partner charities with the aim to listen to patients and current important topics. Due to its limited resources, the TJBCM is currently predominantly focused on the themes as specified in the strategic programmes, but we are always open to new ideas and initiatives.

The mission provides regular updates to the Department of Health and Social Care, and is grateful for their continuous guidance and help.

The Mission is not a Charity or a grant awarding body, rather a convening body, to bring together the right expertise to enable breakthrough in combatting brain tumours. The running costs incurred by the mission are jointly covered by Brain Tumour Research,  Brainstrust, Cancer Research UK, ECI, NIHR, and The Brain Tumour Charity.