The TJBCM Team

The leadership team

The mission is chaired by Professor Richard Gilbertson (Li Ka Shing Chair and Head of Oncology, University of Cambridge and Director of the CRUK Cambridge Centre). Tessa’s daughter Jess Mills serves as the TJBCM’s co-founder and special advisor. She ensures that the TJBCM’s objectives meet her mother’s vision. Dr Nicky Huskens is the Director of the TJBCM. She oversees each of the Strategic Programmes and is responsible for running the mission day to day. She is supported by Camille Goetz, Senior Analyst. Lord O’Shaughnessy is a Patron and strategic advisor of the TJBCM.

Joint Strategy Board

The mission is supported by a focused and diverse Joint Strategy Board (JSB), which oversees the strategy of the mission and the strategic programmes that deliver on the strategy.