Opening of the Tessa Jowell Centres of Excellence Application Round

As of today, UK neuro-oncology centres have been formally invited to apply for Tessa Jowell Centre of Excellence designation. An initiative to congratulate and reward UK Neuro-centres offering the highest standard of care under the NHS. Today, neuro-oncology centres across the UK were invited by the Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer mission to apply for an […]

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TJBCM Announcement on the second anniversary of Tessa Jowell’s Passing.

“Tessa Jowell Brain Cancer Mission reveals its exciting plan to award outstanding neuro-oncology centres ‘Tessa Jowell Centre’ status  – recognising centres who offer excellence in brain tumour treatment and aligned research with a strong focus on quality of life care”.   Today, two years on from Dame Tessa Jowell’s passing, Tessa’s legacy remains strong as […]

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