Our Brain Bank: Free App to Tackle Glioblastoma in the UK


Published 9th December 2019

Last week, a few members of the TJBCM attended the UK launch of Our Brain Bank, a people-powered initiative designed to tackle glioblastoma in the UK. This free, certified app empowers patients and caregivers by enabling them to track their symptoms, test their neurological functions, and keep on top of their treatment schedules.  Users can choose to donate their symptom data to medical researchers.

OurBrainBank was founded by Jessica Morris, a British-born communications strategist and campaigner living with glioblastoma since January 2016. The ambitious approach is being expanded to the UK after a successful launch in the US in 2018 and in response to patient demand.

Patients and carers can download the OurBrainBank app today from the App Store or Google Play, and register using the code OBBUK. Links can be found at OurBrainBank.org/UK and please click here for the full press release of the launch of the new app.