Frequently Asked Questions

How can my centre apply?

All UK-based neuro-oncology will have received a personal invitation from the TJBCM. Please contact if you have not received an invitation to apply by the 27th of October.

Does the designation apply for both adult and paediatric neuro-oncology services? 

The Tessa Jowell Centre of Excellence Designation is currently only for focussed on adult neuro-oncology centres services. We are aiming to include paediatric services in future designation rounds.

My centre provides brain tumour care in partnership with another centre, can we still apply? 

We understand that brain tumour care is frequently offered in partnership with affiliated centres. We aim to designate the group of centres that are together responsible for the entire patient pathway, therefore, centres who collectively provide brain tumour services are asked to jointly apply and will be designated as one group for purposes of the review. 

How do I know if a hospital is designated as a Tessa Jowell Centre of Excellence?

We will publish the list of designated centres on our website once the assessment process has been completed. 

I have a brain tumour or care for someone with a brain tumour. How can I help?

Please see our patients page to see how you can help.